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Complete System

A complete system includes various ITS field devices, integrated to allow safe local and remote control according to a site-specific scenario of operation.

Products in the system

Complete System
Traffic Management Center

Client Central Software

Control, monitor, and gather feedback from a Traffic Management Center (TMC) client central software

  • Versilis Gate Product


    Channelize traffic or block a roadway access point using high visibility Automated Warning Gates

  • Versilis Signage Product


    Alert motorists of upcoming closures or changing conditions using Automated Warning Signage

  • Versilis Commander Assembly Product

    Commander Assembly

    Control, monitor, and gather feedback from a remote location such as a TMC using the Versilis Commander WEB or NTCIP interface

  • Versilis Smart Handheld Controller Product

    Smart Handheld Controller

    Control, monitor, and gather feedback from a safe onsite location using the Versilis Smart Handheld Controller*

*Fully wireless systems using solar power and RF communication available.

Turnkey Solution

At Versilis, we specialize in providing comprehensive and complete lane closure systems designed and configured for a wide variety of applications. Whether you want to improve an existing ITS infrastructure or you are planning a new one, we are here to help make your roads safer.

With you on your project

  • Step 1


    Guidance & Knowledge Sharing
    • Suggested gate layout
    • Street view mockup
    • Safety guidelines
    • Budgetary pricing
  • Step 2


    Designer Technical Support
    • Standard mechanical drawings
    • Standard wiring block diagrams
    • Project specific drawings
  • Step 3


    Time to deliver
    • Project coordination
    • Project Submittal Package
    • Project specific manuals
    • Product manufacturing
    • Detailed ITS communication integration design
    • ITS Integration Test Lab for client software developers & tech support
  • Step 4


    Time to make it work
    • Material delivery
    • Installation support
    • Proof of performance test
    • Integration test support
    • On-site training
    • System integration test
    • SOP testing and training using ITS Integration Test Lab

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