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What are Movable Barrier Operations?

Barrier transfer machines can be used by road authorities experiencing heavy peak period directional traffic as part of contraflow lane activities to control traffic and improve worker safety. Contraflow designs typically require the use of a barrier-moving machine to borrow an off-peak direction lane. An additional peak direction lane is created using a moveable concrete barrier separating the contraflow lane from opposing flows of traffic. Contraflow lanes implementation is only possible when there is unused off-peak direction capacity. Barrier transfer machines can also be deployed by agencies during road construction allowing for lane closures during off-peak hours to create a safe work zone. Movable barrier operations aim to improve traffic flow by quickly and efficiently changing lane configuration on a freeway. Barrier-moving machines create entrance and exit points for contraflow lanes while Versilis warning gates and signs are deployed upstream of the closure to alert motorists of the new configuration and to channelize vehicles into the new traffic pattern. Versilis traffic gates and signs allow the barrier transfer machine to shift the movable barrier to open a contraflow lane in the opposite direction. The system is then retracted to allow traffic to enter the traffic lane.

Contraflow Lanes Challenges

Agencies face several challenges as part of movable barrier operations, especially with non-automated systems:

Benefits of Automated Lane Closures for Movable Barrier Operations?

The use of automated warning gates and signs in combination with movable barriers is used to create a safe and efficient contraflow operation. Road authorities operating contraflow lanes with barrier-moving machines use Versilis traffic gates and signs to:

Is your agency looking for solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of your movable barrier operations?

Versilis is proud to support road authorities in their efforts to enhance motorist and worker safety while improving the efficiency of contraflow activities using barrier transfer machines.

Learn how agencies across the United States have improved their contraflow lane operations in partnership with Versilis by visiting our project pages.

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