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What is Ramp Access Control?

Automated gates and signs can be used to control highway ramp accesses. The ability to easily open and close ramps increases traffic control efficiency. Ramp closures are traditionally performed manually, requiring maintenance of traffic to be deployed at various entry points to divert traffic and restrict access to the facility. Execution of such operations requires significant manpower and takes a considerable amount of time. Ramp closures automation is an innovative strategy used by road authorities to alert drivers of upcoming ramp closures and prevent entry to closed access points. In certain cases, ramp closure automation is also used to help maintain free flow by preventing vehicles from accessing a corridor section when a predetermined traffic threshold has been reached.

Ramp Closure Operational Challenges

Agencies face several challenges as part of manual ramp closure operations:

Benefits of Automated Ramp Closures

Road authorities are implementing automated road closures using Versilis traffic gates and signs to:

Is your agency looking for solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of ramp closures?

Versilis is proud to support road authorities in their efforts to enhance motorist safety while improving the efficiency of ramp access control operations.

Learn how agencies across the United States have improved their ramp closure operations in partnership with Versilis by visiting our project pages.

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