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I-279 Reversible HOV Lane

Reversible HOV Access Control

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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The Interstate 279 High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) system in Pittsburgh uses reversible lanes to reduce congestion. Those lanes, owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), are located in the median and extend 4.1 miles between the city of Pittsburgh and the North Hills. Automated signs and gates, controlled from the district Traffic Management Center, are used to open and close inbound and outbound entrance and exit ramps as appropriate. As part of an HOV ITS System upgrade, Versilis was identified as the preferred supplier for all new vertical and horizontal warning gates.

Project Scope

The automated gates upgrade required the installation and integration of new gates at six different I-279 access points (five low speed entrances and one high speed slip ramp). Horizontal swing gate model HSG-18CW was selected for the slip ramp because of its crashworthiness, an essential feature for high speed environments. Vertical gate model VSG-40 was selected to control all low speed access points.

Because of its vertical movement, this gate model does not occupy space when retracted. All gates supplied by Versilis offer a high surface of retro-reflective sheeting with some flashing LED lights, ensuring safety for motorists in all weather environments. All gates are controlled from the district Traffic Management Center. The ITS system also includes signs, cameras, and an automated interlock system.

Safe & Efficient Reversible Lane Operation

Safety benefits

  • Reduced worker exposure to live traffic
  • Increased motorist compliance and safety with highly visible and crash tested gates - Improved motorist safety by physically preventing wrong way movements

Operational Benefits

  • Reduced time to setup and breakdown lane closures
  • Reduced traffic control costs
  • Improved staff resources deployment during contraflow activities

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