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Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Automated Lane Closure System

Annapolis, MD, USA

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The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, also referred to as the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge, is a vital infrastructure connecting Maryland’s rural eastern shore region with the urban western shore. Versilis was selected by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) to implement an Automated Lane Closure System (ALCS), to replace the existing manual maintenance of traffic (MOT) operations. The innovative system is designed to improve the safety and efficiency of bridge lane closures.

Project Scope

The Bay Bridge ALCS was constructed to improve opening and closing lanes including contraflow traffic operations on the bridge. Previously, two-way traffic operations were performed manually with cones and barrels. More recently, MDTA decided to implement an automated operation allowing maintenance crews to manage traffic remotely on both sides of the bridge according to the required lane configuration.

The project includes ITS devices such as horizontal swing gates, overhead lane-use signals, dynamic message signs (DMS), and illuminated pavement markers that were integrated to the existing traffic control system. These components allow operations and maintenance staff to close lanes remotely using seven different lane closure scenarios based on pre-determined traffic patterns and conditions.

Safe & Efficient Contraflow Traffic Operations

Safety benefits

  • Reduced worker exposure to live traffic
  • Increased motorist compliance and safety with highly visible and crash tested gates
  • Reduced crashes and superior incident response

Operational Benefits

  • Reduced time required to setup and breakdown closures
  • Reduced response time
  • Reduced congestion associated with manual lane closure operations
  • Increased trip reliability
  • Reduced traffic control costs and prolonged maintenance of traffic (MOT) operations

Versilis gates were installed at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland to assist with closures and two-way operations. After conducting extensive testing I can confirm that the Commander Solution used for control and monitoring is powerful and robust. The products, as well as the technical support from Versilis have been superior.

Barry A. Grasso

Senior ITS Engineer and President

Integrated Control Systems


Chesapeake Bay Bridge - Automated Lane Closure System (ALCS)

Learn more about the Automated Lane Closure System implemented by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

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