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What is Bridge and Tunnel Lane Management?

Lane control management at bridge or tunnel approaches can be critical. Traffic lane reconfiguration requires heavy traffic control. Therefore, an automated system represents a safe and efficient alternative to manual setup and dismantling of traffic control equipment. In this context, a series of automated gates and signs are deployed at tunnel and bridge approaches as part of contraflow lane operations, planned maintenance, incident management, or construction. Warning gates and signs are used by operators to send a clear message to motorists that a specific lane or access point is closed. These ITS devices are designed to manage traffic flow efficiently when changing lane configuration. 

Bridge & Tunnel Managed Lanes – Operational Challenges

Agencies face several challenges as part of bridge and tunnel traffic control or managed lane operations:

Benefits of Automated Bridge & Tunnel Managed Lanes

Automated warning signage and gates are a great solution for the safe operation of bridge and tunnel managed lane operations. Road authorities operating bridges and tunnels use Versilis traffic gates and signs to:

Is your agency looking for solutions to improve the safety and efficiency of your bridge and tunnel managed lane operations?

Versilis is proud to support road authorities in their efforts to enhance motorist and worker safety while improving the efficiency of bridge and tunnel managed lane activities.

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