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I-93 HOV Lane

Movable Barrier Lane Closures

Boston, MA, USA

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The I-93 Southeast Expressway is one of the most congested roads leading in and out of downtown Boston. Since the 1990s, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has been using a barrier-moving machine to create six miles of contraflow lanes in both directions of I-93.

In 2015, MassDOT took a step forward to increase the safety and efficiency of the traffic control operation required as part of this managed lane facility. Static signs and traffic cones used as part of the manual Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) were replaced by Versilis automated warning signs and gates.

Project Scope

In 2015, Versilis installed a system consisting of six SwiftSigns and nine SwiftGates at the southern end of the movable barrier, allowing a safe and efficient deployment of the HOV lane during peak traffic hours. The implementation of a solar powered and wireless solution offered by Versilis was simple and cost effective.

With no wiring required, each solar powered device is controlled using a Smart Handheld Controller. Furthermore, the small size of each device’s housing allowed installation on top of the existing median barrier wall. After a one-month trial, MassDOT was satisfied with the performance of the solution and the benefits for the motorists and the DOT. It has been used daily ever since.

Safe & Efficient Contraflow Lanes Operation

Safety benefits

  • Reduced worker exposure to live traffic
  • Increased motorist compliance & safety with highly visible crash tested gates and advance warning signage

Operational Benefits

  • Reduced time to setup and breakdown lane closures
  • Reduced traffic control costs
  • Improved staff resources deployment during contraflow activities


Boston Case Study: I-93 HOV Movable Barrier Operation using SwiftGates, and SwiftSigns

MassDOT decided to implement a series of SwiftSigns and SwiftGates to automate the daily lane closures as part of the I-93 HOV movable barrier operation.

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