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Hoan Bridge

Work Zone Movable Barrier Operation

Milwaukee, WI, USA

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Construction began on the Daniel Hoan Bridge in 2013 as part of the $278 million I-794 Lake Freeway project. As part of this project, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) installed a movable median barrier that reconfigures the roadway in real-time to give two lanes to the peak traffic direction at all times. Versilis’ automated warning signs (SwiftSign) and automated warning gates (SwiftGate) were installed by Walsh Construction to facilitate the daily traffic control of this two-year temporary movable barrier operation.

Project Scope

Daily traffic control necessary for the movable barrier operation was originally planned using static signs and traffic cones. Due to the duration of the contract and the safety risks associated with winter traffic operations, the Wisconsin DOT, the design engineer, and the prime contractor agreed to change the original traffic control plans to include the use of automated warning signage and swing gates.

For the duration of the project, automated signage and tapered gates were activated from a handheld remote control. This channeled traffic into the current lane configuration, saving time and money for the contractor, and reducing worker exposure to live traffic.

Safe & Efficient Contraflow Lane Operation

Safety benefits

  • Increased worker safety with reduced exposure to live traffic, especially during winter months
  • Increased motorist compliance & safety with the use of highly visible crash tested gates

Operational Benefits

  • Reduced staffing and equipment requirement
  • Reduced Traffic Control Costs for the 2 years project

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