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Bayview Avenue

Flood Traffic Management System

Toronto, ON, Canada

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Bayview Avenue is a major arterial road crossing the city of Toronto from north to south, spanning the Don River. The Lower Don River area is prone to flooding during extreme weather events.
The City of Toronto has implemented resilience measures by deploying a traffic management system to rapidly mitigate the impacts of flooding. The Lower Don Traffic Management System (LDTMS) is allowing the city to remotely detour vehicles along Bayview Avenue and adjacent streets, preventing them from accessing flooded zones.

Project Scope

Toronto’s LDTMS consists of 21 highly visible crash tested gates and 41 Blank Out signs (LBO). The LBOs allow the City of Toronto to alert road users of flood events and road closures while efficiently redirecting them. Moreover, the automated gates can be deployed remotely to close key access points, preventing vehicles from entering flooded areas during heavy precipitation.

All ITS devices are controlled and monitored from Toronto’s Traffic Management Center’s ATMS solution (ITS Central from Transnomis). The ATMS connects to seven Versilis Commanders located at each one of the seven access points. Each Commander is configured according to its own site-specific scenario of operation, considering the number and type of devices, their grouping and the predetermined sequence of events.

Safe & Efficient Management of Weather-Related Incidents

Safety benefits

  • Reduced number of vehicles trapped in flooded areas
  • Reduced worker exposure to live traffic
  • Reduced number of damage claims against the city
  • Increased motorist compliance and safety with highly visible and crash tested gates

Operational Benefits

  • Shorter response time with faster closures and openings of key access points
  • Increased trip reliability with effective traffic redirection
  • Reduced operating costs with remote control


Toronto Case Study: Lower Don Valley Flood Management System

Learn how the Lower Don Traffic Management System allows the City of Toronto to remotely detour vehicles preventing them from accessing flooded zones.

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