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Highway 401 Weather Stations

Reduced Visibility Detection & Warning System

Northumberland County, ON, Canada

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In 2014, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) decided to implement a winter weather reduced visibility detection and warning system. The solution was deployed in a rural area on Highway 401 in Northumberland County. This project was a response to severe weather conditions that were causing visibility issues for drivers during the winter season. The objective was to continuously detect reduced roadway visibility caused by winter weather conditions and provide dynamic messages to drivers.

Project Scope

Six automated pivoting signs (SwiftSigns) were installed on the median barrier. The warning signs pivot 90 degrees to alert motorists to reduce their speed when low visibility is detected. During normal weather conditions, the signs are retracted along the median and are not visible to motorists. The deploy and retract commands are sent via RF from a Versilis Commander equipped with a modem antenna located on the right side of the road. A static sign with flashing beacons that are activated when severe winter conditions are detected is also integrated with the Versilis solution. A cellular modem is used to allow communication back to the traffic management center.

Safe & Efficient Management of Weather-Related Incidents

Safety benefits

  • Reduced incidents related to low visibility weather conditions
  • Reduced worker and responder exposure to live traffic - Increased motorist compliance and safety with highly visible and crash tested gates

Operational Benefits

  • Low-cost solution suitable for a narrow median
  • Solar-powered and wireless solution ideal for remote locations

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