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Highway 13 Louis-Bisson Bridge

Movable Barrier Lane Closures

Montreal, QC, Canada

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Constructed in 1975, the Louis-Bisson Bridge stretches across the Riviere des Prairies and connects Montreal and Laval. Initially designed with three lanes in each direction, the bridge currently accommodates four lanes of traffic during peak periods. To enhance capacity during peak times, an additional lane is created using a moveable concrete barrier separating the contraflow lane from the opposing flows of traffic. The movable barrier operation requires the use of a barrier-moving machine to temporarily borrow an off-peak direction lane.

Project Scope

Versilis successfully installed 17 automated warning gates and seven automated signs to manage traffic redirection on the northbound lane of the Louis-Bisson Bridge. Additionally, on the southbound lane, three digital lane control signs have been implemented to facilitate lane closure procedures. These Versilis automated gates and signs seamlessly integrate with four digital lane control signs.

The movable barrier operation has been carried out by QMB Barrier Systems on a daily basis on the Louis-Bisson Bridge since the early 2000s. To enhance safety and reduce worker exposure to live traffic, the Versilis engineering team developed an automated lane closure system. This solution includes automated warning gates and signs, which are seamlessly incorporated into the contraflow lane operation. The lane closure system can be conveniently deployed from a secure on-site location using the Versilis Smart Handheld Controller.

Safe & Efficient Contraflow Lane Operation

Safety benefits

  • Reduced worker exposure to live traffic
  • Increased motorist compliance and safety with highly visible and crash tested gates

Operational Benefits

  • Reduced time to setup and breakdown lane closures
  • Reduced operational costs

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