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I-595 Express Lanes

Median Emergency Access Control

Broward County, FL, USA

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In March 2009, The Florida Department of Transportation signed a public-private partnership (P3) agreement with I-595 Express, LLC, to serve as the concessionaire to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain (D/B/F/O/M) the I-595 corridor improvements project for a long-term commitment of 35 years. As part of this project, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Integrator SICE inc. installed and integrated automated warning gates from Versilis to secure five median emergency access points.

Project Scope

Five median access points are implemented on the I-595 corridor to allow emergency vehicles to access the westbound or eastbound express lanes from the general-purpose lanes. Each median access point is controlled by an automated steel gate while a series of warning gates and flashing beacons are installed upstream of each access point to close the shoulder.

Three swing gates from Versilis are located on each side of the median opening. When deployed, they close the express lane shoulder in order to protect the emergency vehicle as it enters to respond to an incident. All devices are integrated and activated remotely from FDOT’s Broward County TMC and operators have the capability of controlling the devices locally for maintenance purposes.

Safe & Efficient Emergency Access Control

Safety benefits

  • Increased emergency vehicle safety when accessing the express lanes
  • Increased awareness and safety of upcoming motorists

Operational Benefits

  • Operational efficiency with the use of a fully integrated remotely controlled
  • Reduced incidents and increased traffic fluidity

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