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I-95 New Jersey Turnpike Interchange

Maintenance & Incident Management Operation

Woodbridge Township, NJ, USA

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The New Jersey Turnpike is a toll road maintained by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA). The NJTA required a vertical gate solution to have the ability to close ramps at an interchange leading to I-95 for maintenance and incident management purposes, replacing the existing manual gate system. This project involved the installation of warning gates and lane control systems. The purpose of this project was to implement vertically operating drop gates for two ramps in advance of the existing horizontally operating ramp gates.

Project Scope

Versilis developed a warning gate system allowing the NJTA to alert traffic when a ramp is closed to prevent drivers from accessing the ramps. The NJTA required vertical gates with a gate arm length of 40’ which explains why Versilis’ SwiftGate VSG-40 gate was selected for this project. Moreover, ramp gates can be deployed remotely with a handheld remote control or can be manually controlled locally using push buttons located inside each warning gate enclosure. Two-lane control systems have also been installed to alert road users of upcoming ramp closures.

Replacing the manual ramp gates allowed NJTA to increase worker safety and operational efficiency while reducing traffic control costs. Versilis’ warning gate solution is more visible than the previous system, with more retroreflective sheeting surface per gate arm linear foot and flashing LED lighting, increasing motorist compliance during ramp closures.

Safe & Efficient Automated Ramp Closure

Safety benefits

  • Reduced worker exposure to live traffic
  • Increased motorist compliance and safety with highly visible and crash tested gates

Operational Benefits

  • Reduced time to setup and breakdown lane closures
  • Reduced traffic control costs

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