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​​Victoria Park Tunnel

Tunnel Access Control System

Auckland, New Zealand

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The Victoria Park Tunnel is a motorway tunnel completed in 2012 on New Zealand State Highway 1 in Auckland. It diverts southbound traffic away from the Victoria Park Viaduct, which was converted to exclusively accommodate northbound traffic. The tunnel serves as a connection between the Central Motorway and the Auckland Harbour Bridge. As part of the project, an extra off-ramp was constructed to enhance direct access to downtown streets from the southbound highway lanes. However, this additional access is only accessible during off-peak hours in order to alleviate congestion and enhance traffic flow.

Project Scope

Versilis automated lane closure system was selected for the Victoria Park Tunnel project. Two automated solar-powered gates have been implemented to control on-ramp access and assist in managing the traffic flow towards the northbound lanes that lead to the tunnel. The Versilis Commander facilitates seamless integration of the solution with warning signs, traffic lights, and indicative panels at the busy Beaumont/Fanshawe intersection. Automated swing gates are used to close the ramp, thereby enhancing the safety of this access control operation.

Safe & Efficient Ramp Closures

Safety benefits

  • Reduced incidents and increased traffic fluidity
  • Increased motorist compliance and safety with highly visible and crash-tested gates

Operational Benefits

  • Increased lane closures visibility
  • Positive ecological impact with solar-power feature
  • Easy integration with other existing ITS devices
  • Minimum maintenance required

We have just completed the testing, and all went well, no problems at all. Thank you for your support, a great product to work with, very simple, reliable, and good support from Versilis.

Sergio Prieto

Project Technical Manager

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